Two women chat via video conferencing software
In two short video tutorials, we take a look at two different video calling options, Skype and Jitsi, that are free to access and fairly easy to get to grips with!
A group of Amiens Métropole beneficiaries trial the PONToon digital tools with trainers from Mission Locale
Last month PONToon partner Amiens Métropole carried out a number of ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for PONToon stakeholder organisation Mission Locale.
A participant in the mini-business program receives a certificate of completion at the closing ceremony of the program. Image features Interreg 5A Logo
Le jeudi 9 juillet 2020, les stagiaires de l’agence du GRETA de Bayeux et leurs formateurs ont organisé une cérémonie de clôture pour leur projet de mini-entreprise L’écotagère.