PONToon Virtual Symposium Content

Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN

PONToon Virtual Symposium will feature talks and practical workshops led by industry experts, entrepreneurs and academics.
The University of Portsmouth UK (leading 11 partners in the €5.8 million ERDF Interreg France (Channel) England programme) will host an innovative, international online symposium on Tuesday 1st December 2020 to explore digital learning and female empowerment as part of the interdisciplinary project that supports women's economic inclusion. So far PONToon has proudly upskilled and helped into employment 1,462 women in southern England and northern France.

Zoom Workshops

Live workshops as part of the PONToon Virtual Symposium. Click the image below to join the Zoom call. Please note all Zoom meeting will be recorded.

10:05 - Peter Grant - Equipping Women with Digital Skills

10:50 - Erika Hughes - Women's Theatre and Digital Storytelling

12:00 - Gilly Salmon - What if your Campus Turns into a Data Centre

13:15 - Simone Gumtau - Dear Data: Information, Power and Feminism

14:00 - Louis Netter - Art and Creativity During Lockdown

14:45 - Alison Habens - Creative Writing for Wellbeing in the Age of Covid

15:30 - KEIKEN - Building the Technological Future of Art

16:15 - Tom Sykes - Knowledge Transfer and the Impact of PONToon

Youtube Live Streams

Follow the PONToon Virtual Symposium Live Streams on Youtube with different live talks available throughout the day.

10:00 - Sarah Cheverton - Women, Minorities and Hyperlocal News During Lockdown

10:30 - Nadine Hagen - Advocacy and Hope in Female Leadership

11:00 - Andrea Barrett - Organ Transplantation: A way Into Understanding How Digital Technology & the Female Logic of Hybridity Intersect

11:15 - Amanda Garrie - Navigating a World of Closed Doors: Women, Writing and Performance

11:30 - Gillian Youngs - Engineering a Digital Path: A Feminist Story

12:00 - Sue Edgerley - Female Empowerment and Digital Opportunity

12:15 - Sylvia Denham - The Digital Business: Steps to Creating and Setting up an Online Business as a Woman

12:30 - Samantha Harvey - Exploring 21st Century Portraiture Through Femme Technological Perspectives

13:00 - Claire Udy - Raising Women's Activist Voices

13:30 - Dorothy Guerrero - Communicating System Change in Climate Campaigning

14:00 - Shipa Ahmed Khan, CCWG - PONToon and Portsmouth's Cross Cultural Women's Group

14:30 - Olivia Craig - Using a 'Self-care and Compassion' approach to develop the self-esteem and confidence of beneficiaries

15:00 - Angie Finn - Reflections on design, an online community and platform for fashion manufacturing

15:30 - Angie Finn - Identity

16:00 - Angie Finn - Making in Isolation

16:30 - A Bridge to PONToon 2014

17:00 - Tom Clulee - Behind the Scenes of a 360 Degree Fashion Film